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Google Sign-In Integration for the eBay Android App

24 October 2017

A technical blog post on how Google Identity integration was done on eBay Android app and leveraged to help users authenticate seamlessly.

Good code and Why should we care?

05 August 2017

A medium post on how to write good code and why we should care about it.

My journey with Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree

04 September 2016

A medium post on how I journeyed through my Android Nanodegree program offered by Udacity.

Finite-State Machine for Single-Use Code Authentication

30 August 2016

A technical blog post on how we implemented a single use code based authentication by utilizing a finite state machine structure.

How to give an awesome presentation

20 August 2016

A medium post on few tips in giving a great presentation and engaging your audience.

Application Resiliency Using Netflix Hystrix

09 August 2015

A technical blog post on why resiliency is required for all web based applications and how it was implemented using Netflix Hystrix

Steps for secure Android Application development

22 March 2015

In a recent working session, some of the best practices for a secure Android application development were discussed. Following were some of the important aspects of the discussion. Other the usual standards of securing the APK and securing the server-side components, some of the development and secure coding practices are listed in this post.

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