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08 April 2018

I have worked on many work related and independent projects, which has helped me learn many new aspects of not just programming but different facets of web application architecture, basic user experience and other minute details which generally go unnoticed during development, but becomes painfully obvious after the release.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
— Oscar Wilde

Some of the projects that I have recently worked on are

Google Sign-In Integration for the eBay Android App

I lead the design and implementation for integrating Google based Sign-In for eBay Android application by utilizing Google’s verified identity to ensure that the user is provided a secure, but a simpler, login method in their eBay mobile app. The complete details about this implementation and challenges are available at link:

One Time use code for Authentication

I worked on building the application for single use code based authentication for eBay. Users can use the "Signin with a single use code" link on the login page to request a one-time code to be delivered to their registered phone number via text messaging. Then the user can type in the code from the text message into the input field, securely getting into the account without the hassle of remembering nor exposing their original password. This was recently acclaimed and cited in the following articles as well -,,

Udacity Android Nanodegree Capstone project

Author Follow is an app that I developed as part of my Capstone project for the Android developer Nanodegree. This app allows you to keep tabs on upcoming and recent releases of your favorite book authors, search for new authors and more. This app uses Amazon’s product release API to scour for their favorite authors’ publications.