Senthilkumar Gopal

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Classic algorithms are fair learners: Classification Analysis of natural weather and wildfire occurrences

Sep 04, 2023

Classic machine learning algorithms have been reviewed and studied mathematically on its performance and properties in detail. This paper intends to review the empirical functioning of widely used classical supervised learning algorithms such as Decision Trees, Boosting, Support Vector Machines, k-nearest Neighbors and a shallow Artificial Neural Network. The paper evaluates these algorithms on a sparse tabular data for classification task and observes the effect on specific hyperparameters on these algorithms when the data is synthetically modified for higher noise. These perturbations were introduced to observe these algorithms on their efficiency in generalizing for sparse data and their utility of different parameters to improve classification accuracy. The paper intends to show that these classic algorithms are fair learners even for such limited data due to their inherent properties even for noisy and sparse datasets.

How eBay’s New Search Feature Was Inspired By Window Shopping

Mar 31, 2023

A new feature generates customer delight by using modern computer vision techniques to drive new search paradigms through visual discovery using Machine Learning and semantic similarity based search techniques.

Engineering Behind Coded Coupons

Sep 23, 2021

An engineering and product focused article on how dual write architecture is utilized for providing scaling for the new coded coupons feature in eBay.

Terapeak Research 2.0

Mar 04, 2020

An engineering architecture focued article detailing the data and the application pipelines for building Terapeak in eBay. Terapeak is an analytics platform providing data capabilities for sellers to analyze competition, supply and demand.

Identity Management as a Relying Party for OAuth 2.0

Oct 10, 2018

A generic identity architecture for integrating multiple identity providers using OAuth 2.0.

Google Sign-In Integration for the eBay Android App

Oct 24, 2017

An engineering focused article on how Google identity has been integrated as a managed provider with eBay Identity Infrastructure.

Finite-State Machine for Single-Use Code

Aug 30, 2016

An engineering and architecture focused article on the usage of finite state machine computation model for securing the one time authentication mechanism in eBay.

Application Resiliency Using Netflix Hystrix

Sep 08, 2015

An engineering implementation of the Netflix Hystrix circuit breaker and its utilization to create self-healing systems.